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Michael Attias

Thanks for requesting the free report , you’ll receive the link to it in your email within the next 10 minutes. Right now, you can also register for a FREE Teleseminar with Michael Attias (a $99 value) entitled…

Catering Profits For Restaurants: How To Quickly,Easily Explode Your Profits With Catering

Michael Attias Spills The Beans And Uncovers Marketing Ideas That Have Generated Over $100,000 Worth Of Catering Business For His Restaurant And You Can Only Get Them By Attending This FREE Teleseminar:


Time: 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific

Whether you currently cater out of your restaurant or wish to add catering as a profit center, the $100,000 worth of ideas are priceless, so much so that if you feel Michael wasted your time, he'll mail you a $10 check for your troubles or send a $20 check to the charity of your choice just for attending this teleseminar. (North American Restaurant Owners Only).

When you attend you'll learn:

  • The 5 Pillars of Promoting Your Catering
  • The Most Common Menu Design Mistakes That'll Cost You Thousands In Lost Profits
  • How To Go After The Profitable Pharmaceutical Rep Catering Business
  • How To Go Head To Head With Traditional Catering Companies And Scare The Daylights Out Of Them
  • How Any and I Mean ANY restaurant concept can start catering tomorrow (Michael's helped everyone from folks that own ice cream parlors, pizzerias, fine dining, casual concepts and anything in between cater and my free report will show you how too…and it can start off as simply as marketing drop-off catering).
  • How Non-Mall Restaurants Can Turn The Slowest Day Of The Year Into A Sales Windfall (One of his clients booked over $16,767 worth of drop off catering in a single day)
  • How To Get Other Companies To Sell Your Catering To Their Customers…Best Of All You Won't Have To Pay A Dime In Commissions!
  • A System That Will Get A Part-Time Catering Sales/Marketing Rep To Outsell A Full Time Pro With ZERO Cold Calling. This System Gets Prospects Begging To See You!
  • The Most Overlooked Place To Market Your Catering…Best Of All It's FREE or Nearly FREE!
  • How To Use Niche Marketing To Make Obscene Amounts Of Money. (Michael gives details about a promotion that costs $19.72 targeted to hospitals that brought in $17,672 in catering sales in a single week…but you can only learn about it if you attend the call.
  • Plus you'll learn much, much more...

Forget what you've heard about catering or think you know about catering for restaurants. Michael is so confident that you'll be blown away with his $100,000 in catering marketing ideas for restaurants that he's willing to write you a check for $10 out of his own pocket or send a $20 check to the charity of your choice just for attending this teleseminar (North American Restaurant Owners Only).

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