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Michael Attias

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Just Listen To What They're Saying About Michael Attias &
What He's Done To Help Their Restaurant Sales!

"Just wanted to send a little update about my success using your program. I'm "PUMPED !!!!!!!! This weekend we will do more gross dollars catering than we did in any month last year. Plus when I came into the office today, on the fax machine was a sign proposal for a $6,000.00 job. And a request for a proposal to serve the same group not only Thanksgiving dinner but also their Christmas party. We've talking about another $20,000.00 plus the $6000.00 for the picnic for a total of $26,000.00 in sales. This is all from one contact from a 50 piece mailing that we did back in the summer. The only thing we did was edit your sales letter to fit Abbeville Catfish & Catering. By the way this is not the first event that we booked because of the mailing, just the biggest so far. That mailing maybe cost me $100.00. It has generated over $19,000.00. That's events that I had completed and been paid for. I can only dream about what would have happen if we had followed your plan and made that follow-up phone call after the mailing. Despite being lazy the mailing was still a success.

Thank You Michael, not only are you the lowest paid employee on my payroll, you now have become the most productive! Keep sending the letters and we'll keep booking the business. Thanks again,

PS Before sending anything new, wait a couple of months, I need the time to hire more employees."

Butch Scott - Abbeville Catfish

"After two weeks, one of our stores has over $3,000 booked in catering for one week. My staff and I calculated your ideas will add 10% to 15% to our total sales. This will easily equal a 20% increase in our bottom line profits."

Jose Jara - President - Jose's Mexican Food

"Instead of being out beating the streets and blindly capturing one or two clients, with your marketing system we bring them right to us."

Jeff Sims - Avant Grill Catering - Phoenix , AZ

"Just knowing the one magic question to ask catering prospects makes all the difference between getting the sale and not!"

Martha Lee - Purple Parrot Catering - Hattiesburg , MS

"During our first full month rolling out the door hanger, we increased our new customer activation by 10%! Thank you."

Tom Bracey - Retail Sales Manger - Purity Dairies

"The Partners program that we discussed over the phone has brought in over $10,000 in business in just the last month, not bad for a promotion with no advertising expenses and only $75.00 in business card printing costs...My office has been getting calls from all sorts of organizations, in the last few weeks, who want to sign up for the program. Now that's a switch!"

Robert C. Stoky -President - Senior Frijoles

" We were really impressed with his seminar and found it to be particularly beneficial because he shared very specific, not general, information about his marketing successes at Corky's. He was also self-effacing enough to share his failures. We left the convention with a great many ideas and put them to good use throughout the year."

Jeanne Kenaston - FAT BOYS' BAR-B-Q

"Very good,  very doable, practical things that work."

D. Lebnert - Show Ring Grill

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for your excellent presentation to our franchisees. Having personally implemented (and succeeded with) some of your direct marketing techniques over a month ago, it was gratifying to see the enthusiasm spread to the attendees at the conference. I have no doubt that those who use your system will soon be experiencing the kind of catering sales boost my own store has already seen."

Pete Tsuleff - President/CEO - The Spaghetti Shop

"Michael, we just implemented one of your promotions for under $400 and brought in over $4000 worth of business in less than two weeks. Your call-in-consulting days are worth more than the price of your entire system."

Vivian Wilson - Indian River Pantry

"We have been in business for over 8 years, early this year I order your marketing kit and we have experienced our best summer ever up $96,000 over this time last year!" Kyle Agha - New Town Bistro & Bar

"We wrote letters about our catering, using YOUR examples, to the top 100 companies in our area. Almost immediately we landed $50,000 of catering business and still counting. This was at a cost to us of only $100!" Robbin & Charlie Murray - Subway Franchisees

"Using a couple of your ideas I have gotten two new (pharmaceutical) reps in just one week. My best estimates are that a drug rep will be worth no less than $5,000 a year in sales to our business, this assumes just two luncheons per month, and all our current reps average more than that. We are very fortunate in that our new operation has such low overhead that with just a few more regular reps, we will be able to pay all of our overhead with nothing but drug rep profits."

David Ullery - Pumpernickel Foods

"We had always catered Doctor luncheons booked through drug reps here at Twins. I intuitively knew it was good business to have, but I used to scratch my head trying to figure out how to market to the drug reps. I could never figure out a way to market DIRECTLY to the drug reps. Anyway, through Rory Fatt I heard of Mikes system and I ordered it immediately. Let me tell you, it IS the holy grail drug rep marketing!!!!!

I used the "Dollar bill letter" once I collected enough drug rep names I used the 3-D cough syrup mailer. I had planned on mailing the 3-d bottles in two separate mailings. Well guess what, I never got around to mailing the other 14 bottles!!!! The calls I started getting form that first mailing made me busy enough!!!!! I used to do 2 maybe 3 luncheons per week, and soon I was doing 2 or 3 luncheons PER DAY. Thru June 30 th , 2004 I have done 4 TIMES the amount of business with drug reps than I did in ALL of 2003. My marketing is on cruise control. I have some offices REQUIRING drug reps to call me for their luncheons! Thanks for your system Mike, keep up the great ideas!"

Jeff Norris
Twins Restaurant & Catering
Erie , Pa

"Thank you for the vast amount of useful marketing knowledge that you have passed on to us. Using your templates for success, we have doubled our catering business over the past year and continue to grow. Our marketing staff of one has grown to six in a little over a year's time as we continue to utilize your program."

Nick Avedesian
Marketing & Catering Associate
Ludy's Main Street BBQ

"I had a coach call from a local high school to get a quote. The only reason he called was to get a second quote to follow school policy. He had already made up his mind about who he was using as a caterer for this event. After the phone call I worked up a proposal for his event. With the proposal I also included your marketing piece "How You Can Avoid The Ten Biggest Mistakes Made Planning A Sports Banquet" along with our new written guarantee. The guarantee is something that I guess we always did but never use it as a tool to close a sale. Within 15 minutes of sending the fax the coach called, asked a few questions and booked the job. The profits from this one job is many times more than the cost of your system. We have also booked 3 other jobs because of referrals from this one high school coach. That's strong stuff. The only mistake I've made was not mailing this piece to every coach in the area. That's ok, look out, I've already loaded the name of every high school with coaches in the area into my database."

Butch Scott - Abbeville Catfish

"First, I was not skeptical a bit about your system. In fact, since you are a restaurant owner who is actually "doing" catering, I felt that I had nothing to lose. In fact, I purchased your big package and I am pleased to tell you that I just landed a job worth over $5,000 with a net profit of around $3,000. Your system has enabled me to feel confident in both prospecting, organizing, and closing these big catering deals. I believe that the information you provide is worth at least triple what you charge.

I believe that of all of the programs out there yours is the one that can have the greatest impact on any restaurant owners bottom line. Forget about all of the marketing, get catering jobs, use your system, and deposit money in the bank. In closing, thank you, thank you, thank you for a great system."

Corey Lewis - Treats Bakery - Franklin, CT

"It increased my sales from $3,000 to $5,000 a month. I haven't even hit it to its potential yet.
I would say I'm probably using it at a 35% capacity, mainly because I was so busy doing other things."

Tim Nugent - Country Waffles Restaurant

"We have spent ZERO on advertising as we wanted to go slow and make sure we perfected it before we promoted too much. As of next week we will have done 12 off premise caterings and numerous out the door caterings. In the first 5 months we have generated over $30,000 in extra sales. These were all in peoples back yards and out the door to individuals. We have not even marketed business or corporate clients yet, that's our mission for the next several months. Thanks to you, Michael, myself, wife and our three children and spouse will be on a January cruise. I promise to toast you at dinner the first evening, the least I can do!!!"

Larry Lariviere - Westbrook Lobster

"I would do about $2,500 a month in August it went up a little because I was still learning, not doing much. I just tried one little letter out and it bumped up sales probably a thousand for August, and up to $6,000 for September and October was $10,000...then for December we did over $20,000...December was such a powerful month for us I just sort of let January slide without doing any letters and we still did over $11,000 for January.

Frank D'Antona, Cantina Mama Lucia

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